In Astra Ep. 2: Assembly

Joaquin's roommate is not who he says he is. Something has happened to Aidan. Let's see if Joaquin can get answers without drawing too much attention to himself. He doesn't want the wrong people noticing. Or else he may get in over his head.


It... I... must confront the reality of the situation. It is Earth.


In Astra is a story about mystery, trust, mental health, and identity. And also space and some gay stuff. New episodes every Saturday! 


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CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains depictions of general spells of anxiety,  unhealthy self-deprecation, situations comparable to gaslighting and brain injury, distorted and manipulated voices, distorted and staticy audio, and  very loud  swelling noises.


Assembly features the voices of Bee Dellepiane as Joaquin, Jessie Carl as The Voice, and Aidan Blank as the Imposter. Cover art by Deja Brown. Music by Cole Ramirez.

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