Feed drop of my friends' podcast Emotional Support Gays! I was a guest on this episode, and I highly recommend you subscribe to Emotional Support Gays...View Details

We hope the In Astra hiatus has been treating you well. Why not dive into another spooky podcast while you wait for season 2? Trust us, you'll wanna c...View Details

Joaquin and Hattie are done playing around. They've been outwitted again and again, but the Headmaster, Faidan, everyone responsible for Aidan's disap...View Details

In Astra Ep. 8: Shelter

Plans fail. Strategies topple. Obstacles arise in unexpected places. These are truths that cannot be avoided. But can Joaquin cope with the mounting p...View Details

In Astra Ep. 7: The Gala

Tonight. It could all end tonight. Hattie is preparing for the big event of the season: The High-Achieving Students Gala. But she's not just attending...View Details

In Astra Ep. 6: Barred

Joaquin has seen something he cannot unsee. With new obstacles in his way and his trust in others wavering, will he buckle under the weight? Or is the...View Details

Things seem to be looking up. For the first time, Joaquin has a partner in the investigation to find Aidan. But they only have a few scattered pieces ...View Details

Somebody knows. They know that Joaquin is up to something. Who is it? And what do they want with him? Joaquin needs to prepare himself. Because of he'...View Details

Still reeling from the events of the previous weekend, Joaquin takes his first steps into really investigating what is going on at Delphic Peak. But s...View Details

In Astra Ep. 2: Assembly

Joaquin's roommate is not who he says he is. Something has happened to Aidan. Let's see if Joaquin can get answers without drawing too much attention ...View Details

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