In Astra Ep. 8: Shelter

Plans fail. Strategies topple. Obstacles arise in unexpected places. These are truths that cannot be avoided. But can Joaquin cope with the mounting pressure? Can he stand to sit and wait when there's so much more he wants to do? He's running out of options, and if he can't keep things up, he could get trapped with no exit in sight. The penultimate episode of season 1.


I can'T stand to be merely an observer. what cann Ido?


In Astra is a story about mystery, trust, mental health, and identity. And also space and some gay stuff. New episodes every Saturday! 


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CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains shouting and arguing, discussions of kidnapping, situations comparable to gaslighting, depiction of a severe anxiety attack, extreme self-deprecation, and distorted and manipulated voices.


Shelter features the voices of Bee Dellepiane as Joaquin, Rachel Faria as Hattie, Aidan Blank as Faidan, Jessie Carl as the Spectre, and Cory Arndt as the Custodian. Cover art by Deja Brown. Music by Cole Ramirez.

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